Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekly check in

I didnt check in last week, last week was a bad week for me. On Monday I was going to lunch to meet Debbie down the street and was hit by a car who was running a red light. It threw me into on going traffic across the street.  Both air bags deployed and I was trying to get out of the car because of the bags, I couldnt breath from the smoke of the airbags.. I was beat up pretty good. I hit my head on the rear view mirror pretty hard and a huge lump on my head and swelling. Some how I hurt my foot too. Of course I was mess crying, hyperventalating and in pain.  Luckily Debbie was only a few seconds away from the crash site and was there in no time and Dad was in the area working so he was able to get there fast too. I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room and they didnt do anything to me. No one was happy with the hospital because they did not do anything even though. Mom showed up at the hospital and so did Chris. They released me and we went straight to Kaiser. Kaiser couldnt believe the released me with out doing anything with the size of the bump and swelling I had. The next couple of days everything from under the sun was hurting and I could barely walk about 2 days after the bruises started showing up and they are some nasty bruises black and purple.

The good news is I am down 50 lbs now and although I have a bump on my head, swelling and my heal is injured I am alive and it could of been worse for me. However my car did not do as good as I did its been totaled. Chris never got to see the car and has only seen pictures.

We also had the Relay for Life walk this weekend however I was not able to walk.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Weekly Check In

Megan and I making FAT FREE apple, cinnamon, bran muffins for the Memorial Day BBQ and Swimming. Which we didnt get to swim because it had been raining in the week and it was cold out.

I am now down 41 Lbs since my surgury