Sunday, April 27, 2008






Thursday, April 24, 2008


I started exercising yesteday. I did 20 minutes on the treadmil, I am starting with 20 minutes a day and will incress it from there. Today my thighs are killing me from it.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have made it thru 1 month!!!! WOO WHOOOO!!

4/15/08  & 4/21/08 I had my 1 month check up with the surgeon and my 1 month check up with my preventative maintenance doctor from Kaiser.  I have not gained/loss any more weight. Both doctors think that it is because of the last hospital visit and what my body has just went thru that it is just trying to catch up with itself.  They both say I am not eating enough and I still need to drink MORE WATER MORE WATER!! Good thing I have been keeping a food journal. I was barely getting 2-3 small meals in and they want me to have 6 meals a day. All my lab work is good. My kidneys are now back at 100% function and no damages. To keep it that way with MORE WATER MORE WATER!!

I am now aloud to eat everything but pork, beef and grapes. I am also aloud to start exercising now.



March 28th, 2008

I was released from the hospital and sent home. My blood pressure is finally stable at 129/59. The doctors found that the kidney failure was due to SEVERE DEHYDRATION. The blood pressure being so dangerously low is because I had been taking 3 blood pressure medications that I did not need to take any more because of the weight I have already lost from last year and this year. The surgeon had pulled me off of one of the pills because it was a water pill and did not realize that one of the other pills was a combo pill and had a water pill in it too and that played a part in the dehydration along with MYSELF not eating or drinking enough. Basically I was not following the doctors orders. The doctors at the hospital took me off of all my blood pressure medication. I no longer take any medication.

The only medical problem that  I had besides being overweight was high blood pressure that no longer exits.



On Easter weekend I was not feeling very well. My body was just telling me that something was wrong. I was dizzy, lightheaded and seeing spots.  When I went to bed on Easter Sunday and closed my eyes I was still seeing the spots. I knew something was really wrong. Monday morning I called the surgeons office and they told me to go the doctor and get a blood pressure check. I went in for a nurse's visit they took my blood pressure and it was 32/17 they sent me the urgent care. Urgent care took my blood pressure and wheeled me in a wheelchair to the Emergency Room.  My blood pressure was really bad and they couldnt even get any blood or an IV started on me. Blood was not even coming out when the pulled the needles out of my arm. Finally a RN and a Paramedic were able to get some blood from me by having the nurse massage the upper part of my arm while the paramedic inserted the need the get the vien. There were able to get a few bottles of blood and then start the IV. The emergency room doctor came in and told us I was in kidney failure and that I would not be going home anytime soon.

I landed myself right back in the hospital for a not so nice visit.

Monday, April 21, 2008

1 week post op 3/20/08

I had my one week follow up with the Dr. and I lost 25 lbs from the day of the surgery. I get to add food to my liquid diet now. Since surgery I have only been aloud to have clear liquids, broths, sugar free popsicles, jello (which has no reason to be on this earth), sugar free drinks. One ounce every 15 minutes.  The smell of food was making me sick to my stomach because it smelled so good I was overdosing on the smell. Everyone ate alot of sandwiches and things that did not smell.

As of today I get to add the following to the liquid diet mashed potatos, gravey, cottage cheese, any kind of cheese, yogurt, pudding, tuna and any kind of white fish and scrambled egg. I was in heaven now.

Its Surgery Day

It's March 12 and the day is finally here. This is the day the journey begins. My family and friends were all here with me.

Christmas time 2007 and down 60 lbs. I finished my WLP in October 2007,  the one and only class I missed was the last class of the program. The make up class was not available until January 4th, 2008. I had all kinds of test done that are required for surgery. Went to a orientation thru the surgeons office, had a physc evaluation and had to attend a support group meeting all before the surgeon would even make you an appointment.

During the WLP

This picture is after I had lost about 30 lbs in during the WLP.

Before Pictures

This picture above is from August 08


This Picture below is from 2007 before I started the weight loss program at Kaiser. In May 2007 I started the program. Every Wednesday for 6 months I had to go to classes for the program. You were not aloud to miss more than 3 classes and those 3 had to be made up by the end of the program. It was a commitment you had to make or you were not aloud to be in the program.