Tuesday, April 22, 2008


On Easter weekend I was not feeling very well. My body was just telling me that something was wrong. I was dizzy, lightheaded and seeing spots.  When I went to bed on Easter Sunday and closed my eyes I was still seeing the spots. I knew something was really wrong. Monday morning I called the surgeons office and they told me to go the doctor and get a blood pressure check. I went in for a nurse's visit they took my blood pressure and it was 32/17 they sent me the urgent care. Urgent care took my blood pressure and wheeled me in a wheelchair to the Emergency Room.  My blood pressure was really bad and they couldnt even get any blood or an IV started on me. Blood was not even coming out when the pulled the needles out of my arm. Finally a RN and a Paramedic were able to get some blood from me by having the nurse massage the upper part of my arm while the paramedic inserted the need the get the vien. There were able to get a few bottles of blood and then start the IV. The emergency room doctor came in and told us I was in kidney failure and that I would not be going home anytime soon.

I landed myself right back in the hospital for a not so nice visit.

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