Monday, April 21, 2008

1 week post op 3/20/08

I had my one week follow up with the Dr. and I lost 25 lbs from the day of the surgery. I get to add food to my liquid diet now. Since surgery I have only been aloud to have clear liquids, broths, sugar free popsicles, jello (which has no reason to be on this earth), sugar free drinks. One ounce every 15 minutes.  The smell of food was making me sick to my stomach because it smelled so good I was overdosing on the smell. Everyone ate alot of sandwiches and things that did not smell.

As of today I get to add the following to the liquid diet mashed potatos, gravey, cottage cheese, any kind of cheese, yogurt, pudding, tuna and any kind of white fish and scrambled egg. I was in heaven now.


morrisonduck said...

I hope you fell as well as you look.LOVE AUNT BARBARA

mgadd24 said...

The New England Tennant-Gadd's (including our New York contingent, Miss Emily) are all proud of the progress you have made so far, and hope you keep your chin up as you go on this journey. Batouley and her family also send there love and there prayers as you go down this road.


Mel, Laurie, Leah, Emily & all ofthose in New England