Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have made it thru 1 month!!!! WOO WHOOOO!!

4/15/08  & 4/21/08 I had my 1 month check up with the surgeon and my 1 month check up with my preventative maintenance doctor from Kaiser.  I have not gained/loss any more weight. Both doctors think that it is because of the last hospital visit and what my body has just went thru that it is just trying to catch up with itself.  They both say I am not eating enough and I still need to drink MORE WATER MORE WATER!! Good thing I have been keeping a food journal. I was barely getting 2-3 small meals in and they want me to have 6 meals a day. All my lab work is good. My kidneys are now back at 100% function and no damages. To keep it that way with MORE WATER MORE WATER!!

I am now aloud to eat everything but pork, beef and grapes. I am also aloud to start exercising now.



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